Clarification Statement 澄清聲明
We noticed that some people may confuse that Anco Resources Group / Redford Securities Limited is the sole supplier of physical gold for Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). We, hereby, would like to clarify that only the Redford Securities Limited is appointed as a Participating Dealer of physical and cash settlement instead of as a metal supplier for the Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). Also, the Anco Resources Group does not participate in providing services to Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). If you need further information on aforesaid matter, please directly send email to our official email / or call us via +852-28654008.
鑑於本集團注意到,有些人會混淆泓昌資源集團 / 泓福證券有限公司 為價值黃金ETF (3081 HK)的唯一實物黃金供應商。本集團在此澄清,只有泓福證券有限公司為價值黃金ETF (3081 HK)的實物黃金交收 / 現金結算的參與證券商,而非價值黃金ETF (3081 HK)的實物黃金供應商。此外,泓昌資源集團並沒參與向價值黃金ETF (3081 HK)提供任何服務。若閣下需要關於價值黃金ETF (3081 HK) 的更多資料,請電郵到 / 或致電+852-2865-4008查詢。
Redford Group 泓福集團