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Clarification Statement
We noticed that some people may confuse that Anco Resources Group / Redford Securities Limited is the sole supplier of physical gold for Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). We, hereby, would like to clarify that only the Redford Securities Limited is appointed as a Participating Dealer of physical and cash settlement instead of as a metal supplier for the Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). Also, the Anco Resources Group does not participate in providing services to Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). If you need further information on aforesaid matter, please directly send email to our official email pmt@ancoresources.com / pmt@redfordholdings.com or call us via +852-28654008.
Redford Group
update date: 08 MAR 2021




    Reliable supplies from globally renowned physical precious metals supply bank and/or the refineries;

    All bullion products are produced by the licensed refineries recognized by London Bullion Market Association (“LBMA”) or London Platinum and Palladium Market (“LPPM”) with International Acceptable Hallmark, quality can be guaranteed;

    Redford Group is very experienced in physical precious metals trading business for many years with professionals with high integrity and reputation in the market;

    Provide price checking, transaction and settlement services during working hours and a “24-hours online customer account self checking services”

    Provide our global precious metal information to customers regularly;

    After all payments are settled and withdrawal notification is received, customers can easily pick up the physical precious metals from our retail office or its designated precious metals depository in Hong Kong or arrange a security delivery service with us to deliver to customers’ designated depository in HK;

    Within the certain period after all payments and fees are settled by the customers, they can choose to withdraw the physical precious metal or continuously to store them in Redford Group’s designated precious metal depository subject to a storage and custodian fee; and

    Redford Securities Limited, being the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Redford Group, is the ONLY Participating Dealer of the Value Gold ETF (3081.HK/83081.HK) which offering redemption services based on “Physical Gold Delivery Settlement” to the customer. Through Redford Group’s One-Stop and full package of Value Gold ETF (3081.HK/83081.HK) transaction services, the customer(s) could easily apply for the Creation of Units in cash, redemption of Units in cash or redemption in physical gold bars etc.