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In relation to the Recent Discovery of Other Enterprise and Personnel Counterfeiting be the Related Company and staff of Our Redford Group of Companies

Date: 16th March, 2018

Dear All,

Recently, our group found that the other enterprise and personnel fraudulently act as our affiliate and staff without our group’s authorization and consent. They faked our brand and Logo illegally for their commercial activities, which may cause the Public and the Customer’s misunderstanding of the relationship between our group and the aforementioned enterprise with counterfeit behavior. Our group expressed serious concern about this situation.

For avoidance of doubt, our group hereby solemnly declare:

1. Apart from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, our Redford Group of Companies do not have any branches, subsidiaries, associates, and affiliates in any other countries/regions, while a company called REDFORD VENTURE UK LIMITED (hereinafter referred as to the “Enterprise”) has never been the subsidiary, affiliate, associate, mandate and/or any business partner of our Redford Group of Companies. Our group do not have any relationship with the Enterprise in any field;

2. Our group has checked that the Enterprise was incorporated in the UK Companies House on 8 May 2017, and the directors and shareholders are as following: LAM Wai-Mo, LI Zhixuan and CHEUNG Wing-Wah. Our group hereby clarify that the aforementioned personnel are not staff of our Redford Group of Companies, and our group does not have any relationship with the aforementioned personnel in any field; and

3. Our group would draw the special and serious attention of the Public that our Redford Group of Companies never have any relationship with the Enterprise and/or the abovementioned personnel, so anybody should have their own verification and judgment for conducting any commercial activities with them, while our Redford Group of Companies will not bear any responsibility and liability to any commercial activities conducted and any products sold by the Enterprise and the abovementioned personnel.

Should you have any query for verifying members and staff of our Redford Group of Companies, please kindly contact our Customer Service Hotline at +852-3589-0925 or by email: admin@redfordgroup.com.

Yours Sincerely,
For and on behalf of
Redford Group of Companies




Mr. Andy M. C. TSANG
Group Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Tsang is the Group Chairman and Managing Director of Redford Group since 2007. He is the founder and major shareholder of Redford Group, Race Resources Group and Anco Resources Group. He was the Vice-President of Vientiane Steel Industry Company Limited in Laos and the Director of T.B Paper Products Company Limited in Thailand. Since 1991, Mr. Tsang has been engaging in property developments, business investments, natural resources and commodities trading in Hong Kong and other countries. He is very experienced in business management. He had participated in valuation, reconnaissance and exploration works for different resources and mining projects which located in different Asian Pacific Countries and South American Countries. Mr. Tsang was a senior management in Hutchison Whampoa Properties Limited before establishing Redford Group.

He holds a Diploma in Mining Economics from Runge of Australia, a Bachelor Degree of Arts (Honor) in Architectural Studies and a Master Degree (Distinction) in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong. Furthermore, Mr. Tsang is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Registered Architect in Hong Kong, Authorized Person (Architect) in Hong Kong and holds the qualifications of Class One Registered Architect of the People's Republic of China. Mr. Tsang was or is currently appointed by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the: (i) Member of the Architects Registration Board and the Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee under the Architects Registration Ordinance; (ii) Member of the Appeal Tribunal Panel under Buildings Ordinance; (iii) Member of Administrative Appeals Board under Administrative Appeals Board Ordinance; (iv) Member of Review Body on Bid Challenges established by the Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau; and (v) Member of Investigation Panel A of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountant under Professional Accountants Ordinance.

Mr. Jimmy J. F. PAK
Group Chief Executive Office

Mr. Pak had been working in banking industry for more than 15 years. He worked for Jardine Fleming Bank Limited of the JP Morgan Group before transferring to Standard Bank Asia Limited. He was the Head of Equity Linked Solutions, Global Markets Asia, Corporate and Investment Banking. He was also the Executive Officer of securities and derivative products’ dealing and advising activities regulated by Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Mr. Pak had been in the senior positions in different departments of the bank for many years. During his service period in the bank, he travelled to worldwide branches to benchmark the best practices, including China, South Africa, Argentina, United States and United Kingdom etc. In 2009, ICBC Asia (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited) acquired 20% shares from Standard Bank Group, Mr. Pak was the key staff to share the knowledge of the equity linked products in this ICBC Standard M&A process. The Standard Bank Group also awarded him the “Best-in-Service” prize to acknowledge his contribution to the bank.

Mr. Pak completed his Master Degree in Finance at the University of Hong Kong. He also holds a Master Degree in Science of Computing from City University of Hong Kong and Master of Philosophy Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Ms. Christine H. M. Vong
Group Director & Financial Treasurer

Miss Vong is the Director and Financial Treasurer of Redford Group since 2007. She had worked in one of the big four international accounting/audit firms before she joined Redford Group. She had tremendous experience from the auditing works for those well-known international companies which are based in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan; in which some of those businesses are related to building, construction, natural resources companies, while her job duties were mainly internal audit and risk management.

Miss Vong was graduated from La Trobe University in Australia with Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance. She holds the Australian CPA professional.

Mr. Kelvin K. K. Yiu
Redford Asset Management Limited
Director and Responsible Officer

Mr. Kelvin Yiu is a Director and Responsible Officer of Redford Asset Management Limited with Representative License for Type 1, 4 & 9 regulated activities under Securities Futures Commission (SFC). He holds a Bachelor Degree in Commerce major in Accounting from La Trobe University of Australia.

He has good experience in financial industry across principal investments, risk analysis and operations areas etc. He was an analyst of a private equity fund and involved in macro market research, individual industry and sector recommendation as well as to formulate investment strategies and so on. Mr. Yiu is also a strong specialist in banking, insurance, properties, and commodity sectors especially in Hong Kong & PR China markets and research in physical gold investment. He is also committed to provide comprehensive and professional investment strategies to investors.

Mr. Michael W. K. Fan
Group Honorable Advisor

Mr. Michael Fan holds MBA Degree and had joined the Redford Group as the Chief Executive Officer of Redford Wealth Planning Limited since year 2008, and now is the Honorable Advisor of Redford Group. He has over decades senior management experiences in corporate planning and administration, he served in a number of international well-known multinational companies and in charge of different markets, including Director and General Manager of A. Dransfield Co. Limited, Vice President of Whirlpool Greater China Limited, and Managing Partner of the New York Life Insurance Worldwide Limited in Hong Kong.

Professionally, Mr. Fan has been serving as Vice President of the Society of Registered Financial Planners, the Honorary Life President of Hong Kong Society of Economists, the Dashun Foundation Council & Executive Committee Member & Think Tank Member, the former Council Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants in Hong Kong. Mr. Fan was an Honorary Associate of Hong Kong Baptist University – School of Business. Mr. Fan has been serving Hong Kong community as Director of Hong Kong PHAB Association (a Charity Organisation to serve able and disable) since 1994.