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Clarification Statement
We noticed that some people may confuse that Anco Resources Group / Redford Securities Limited is the sole supplier of physical gold for Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). We, hereby, would like to clarify that only the Redford Securities Limited is appointed as a Participating Dealer of physical and cash settlement instead of as a metal supplier for the Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). Also, the Anco Resources Group does not participate in providing services to Value Gold ETF (3081 HK). If you need further information on aforesaid matter, please directly send email to our official email pmt@ancoresources.com / pmt@redfordholdings.com or call us via +852-28654008.
Redford Group
update date: 08 MAR 2021




With our new strategies and directions for our group, Redford Advanti International Limited now becomes the holding company of all wholly owned and licensed subsidiaries including Redford Asset Management Limited, Redford Securities Limited, Redford Corporate Finance Limited, Redford Wealth Planning Limited, and Redford Property Agency Limited; while both Redford Holdings Limited and Redford Charitable Foundation are now become the associate company / organization of Redford Advanti International Limited.

Redford Group and its alliance partners are focusing on financial services, commodities trading and mining resources business as a triangular balanced development to complement each other and to enhance the quality of the business. Since 1970s, the family of the founder had been actively involved in the steel and mining industry as well as all related business in Thailand, Laos and other Asia Pacific regions. It developed an excellent and friendly relationship with those local governments. Redford Group and its associated companies actively and carefully investing on and participating in various industries including physical precious metal business, real estate, cultural and high technology projects and other investments, like iron mine and nickel mine, in order to increase its profits and return on investments.

Redford Group is often seeking for potential projects and recruiting high caliber professionals to run its branded funds and other projects in the recent years to strengthen the Group’s competitiveness.